Magaldi Industrie exhibits at GIFA 2015

Magaldi Industrie S.r.l. - the Italian worldwide leader in production and marketing of high performance steel belt conveyors - exhibited its Magaldi Casting Cooler (MCC®) during last GIFA trade show held in its traditional location in Düsseldorf - Germany. Hundreds of visitors had the possibility to know in detail the technical features and advantages of the Magaldi Casting Cooler, while tasting Italian cooking and red wine at our stand.

The MCC® is an automated system for castings conveying and cooling downstream the moulding lines and can be also a valuable workstation for de-gating operation, avoiding the need for a further conveyor. Specifically designed to ensure both a dependable handling/cooling of castings and the maximum productivity, the MCC® is able to work in the most difficult conditions as high temperatures, heavy loads, abrasive or sharp castings. It is based on the dependable Magaldi Superbelt® technology.

The Magaldi Superbelt® is designed to withstand high mechanical impact caused by heavy castings (hundreds of kilograms) and shock loads generated by hammers, air cannons or manipulators during the sprues removal operation. It can be arranged with slopes up to 35° to convey materials such as castings, sprues, forgings, scraps and crop ends. The unique multilink Superbelt® technology, specifically designed with no chains and sprockets, eliminates any risk of sudden failures and ensures a dependable and safe operation.