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Chip conveyors just versatile as the industry itself

High demands on quality and lead time impose on the machine tool industry to improve production efficiency. Substantial savings on operating time and costs can become possible only by shortening the process chain. Automate chip removal and transport is, therefore, mandatory.
Magaldi offers steel belt conveyors that dispose safely and reliably of chips, finished parts, metal scrap, and machined remnants. Designed to effectively fit into most machining and finishing centers, our chip conveyors outperform expectations, even in the most demanding work environments, and do their job more efficiently and with less maintenance than other conveyor solutions. Their unique design – based on the well-proven Superbelt® technology – offers a combination of advantages that sets us apart from all the others:

   - High reliability and uptime
   - Class-leading performance
   - Increase in machining productivity
   - Reduced cycle times
   - Outstanding energy savings
   - Low O&M costs
   - Low noise emissions
   - Safe operations
   - Environmental sustainability 
   - Long service life.

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