Economic, environmental, and social sustainability

From the very beginning, Magaldi has put sustainability at the same level as profit, making it a success factor rather than a mere slogan.
The concept of sustainability - in its environmental, economic, and social aspects - is so deeply embedded in the corporate culture that it has become a driver for innovation and value creation.
It is embodied in a “CCI” Strategy, whose three main pillars are Care, Cooperation, and Innovation.

The 'Care' pillar

  • Reduce the environmental footprint and preserve natural resources for present and future generations
    Environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate business model. It is realized through a series of actions and policies aimed at strengthening the company’s green credentials and promoting environmentally responsible business practices. Hence, for instance, the decision to install a 2 MW PV plant on the roof of the factory for a clean and sustainable self-consumption. Thanks to the efficient use of this zero-impact energy, Magaldi also pursues the containment of CO2 emissions and the preservation of the local ecosystem.
    The company is also engaged in reducing office waste, in line with the circular economy model. The “Magaldi Plastic-Free” campaign, aimed at eliminating plastics, is just one of the projects implemented to prove how seriously the company takes its social responsibility.
  • Promote parity, equality, and talent
    Gender parity, salary equality, and talent development are priorities. Magaldi strives to offer a stimulating and caring workplace, encouraging employees to develop their full potential and skills. To preserve the corporate heritage, the company invests in systematic training and carries out the Magaldi Academy project, whose mission is to pass the technical know-how to the “young blood” to create a new generation of talent.
    Furthermore, the concept of the employee’s well-being is not limited to welfare policies but overcomes the boundaries of the workplace. In recent years, the company has adopted measures to monitor potential cases of work-related stress and has implemented graphology courses as a therapy to learn how to manage stress and regain harmony.
  • Enhance the Corporate Social Responsibility
    Despite its international appeal, the strong tie with the native land increases the social responsibility the company feels for the local community.  ‘Think responsibly and act concretely’ is the corporate approach that translates into charitable initiatives in favor of local development and social inclusion, as well as in supporting Save the Children’s mission in Countries with the highest poverty rates.

The 'Cooperation' pillar

This is aimed at bolstering the stakeholder’s engagement in achieving sustainability.
The underlying idea is the necessity to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure higher economic, environmental, ethical, and social performance. For this reason, Magaldi wants to share its sustainability culture with Suppliers and Third Parties, who are required to ensure high levels of legal and environmental compliance, respect human rights, safe and healthy working conditions, and improve traceability and use of raw materials coming from responsible and well-managed supply sources.
The partnership with academia and research centers is also part of the strategy to boost sustainability. Through R&D activities, Magaldi drives forward its project of relentless innovation in favor of both industry and humanity everywhere.

The 'Innovation' pillar

Innovation represents a competitive advantage and helps resolve the conflict between economic and environmental interests.
The high degree of technical innovation in all equipment and systems developed since 1929 has been a major contributing factor to the leading market position of the Group, whose mission is that of competing in a global economy and achieving operational excellence in compliance with the highest standards of safety, health, and environmental protection, thus making technological innovation work in favor of sustainable development.

  • Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) policy

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