Solutions provider for non-ferrous foundries

The extensive know-how in process solutions for ferrous foundries paved the way for the development of effective technologies which address the specific requirements of non-ferrous industry.

Working to upgrade and innovate its foundry equipment, Magaldi has come up with successful solutions for problems specific to the aluminum foundry.
From casting cooling to air quenching, passing through casting, and scrap conveying, Magaldi equipment delivers benefits over traditional technologies that set it apart from all the others:

   - High process reliability & availability
   - Class-leading performance
   - Increase in productivity
   - Greater process control
   - Minimum energy consumption
   - Very quiet operation
   - Negligible wear and no tear
   - Low maintenance
   - Low O&M costs
   - High environmental standards
   - Long service life
   - Quick return on investment.

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Air Quenching
Casting Cooling
Aluminum Casting Conveying
Aluminum Scrap Conveying

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