The Magaldi Spill-chain

A cost-effective solution to overcome conveyor belt spillage issues

Spillage is a common problem for many plants, having the potential to produce severe and costly consequences that can hinder productivity potential, increase clean-up costs, pose hazards to workers’ health, and increase the environmental impact of production processes. It is estimated that more than 80% of material dispersed in the factory is due to spills from conveyors, especially apron-based and rubber belt conveyors.
Magaldi offers a solution for overcoming the threats to profitability and environmental sustainability posed by conveyor belt spills.
Installed under the head section of the conveyor, the Spill-chain recovers the dry material scraped up by the cleaning device. In the case of sticky or toxic materials or for a complete cleaning of the unit, the Spill-chain can be installed over the entire length of the conveyor.
Four different configurations are available:

  • Spill-chain N-type
    It is suitable for light industrial applications and not abrasive materials (coal fines), with belts up to 30 m in length. The 1000 mm wide configuration recovers up to 1 m³/h of spilled material.
  • Spill-chain Z-type 
    It is suitable for discharging spilled material in an area next to the conveyor (or onto another conveyor). All chain links are in NiCrMo alloy steel and have different dimensions according to the specific application.
    An optional electronic control device is available to protect against accidental overloads. This unit monitors the rotation of the tail shaft.
  • Spill-chain P-type
    It is perfect for heavy industrial applications, abrasive (i.e. clinker) and sized materials (up to 60 mm). The capacity fits most applications: a 1000 mm width model recovers up to 2 m³/h of spilled material.
    The two types (P and N) have different sizes and chain pitches (13 or 10 mm), scrapers (70 or 50 mm), and heights. They are suitable for horizontal and inclined installations up to 30° (10° for N-type).
  • Spill-chain C-type
    It is the best solution for heavy industrial applications (such as abrasive clinker) and material up to 60 mm when spills occur from the conveyor’s return section or loading point, which may be located far from the discharge point. In these cases, it enables the automatic transportation of spilled material back onto the conveyor. When associated with the Spill-chain P or N-type, it ensures the complete cleaning of the conveyor return section.

Effective material recovery

Material spillage from belt conveyors represents lost production. Whether losing raw materials or finished products, spills contribute to profit losses and increased operating costs.
The Spill-chain allows for the efficient recovery of fugitive materials, carrying them back on the conveyor.

Reduced downtime & operating costs

Spills drive up downtime and labour costs for clean-up. Due to stopping the production line for clean-outs, managing fugitive material in the plant, and addressing equipment issues caused by fugitive material, a lot of time and labour – and therefore money - are wasted.
Recovering fugitive dust/material, the Spill-chain allows the conveyor to work efficiently, drastically reducing unexpected downtime and costly labour clean-ups.

Safe operation &
reduced environmental footprint

Fugitive material in the form of dust and fine-particle spillage is a great concern due to its impacts on productivity, the environment, and health. In many cases, it poses serious safety hazards for operators, causing respiratory problems due to fine particles inhalation, risks of trips and falls, and the hazards of working near a moving belt. Likewise, the environmental footprint of the production process is severely increased.
In addition to the risk of incurring fines, a dirty and dusty environment can also discourage workers from doing regular maintenance and may affect their productivity.
The Magaldi Spill-chain eliminates all safety and environmental concerns, contributing to a safer and healthier work environment and allowing hazard-free inspections and maintenance.

Long service life

Material spillage also frequently causes equipment to malfunction or premature wear, damaging conveyor components, idlers, and eventual structure supports, all costly parts to replace.
The effective recovery of fugitive material results in a longer lifespan for the conveyor and reduced need for worn parts.