Solutions provider for ferrous foundries

Magaldi foundry equipment can be found scattered throughout the plant as it covers almost all applications.

Whatever the application, Magaldi provides unique solutions featuring a combination of benefits over competing technologies that set them apart from all the others:

   - High process reliability & availability
   - Class-leading performance
   - Flexibility to integrate with existing equipment
   - Greater process efficiency
   - Minimum energy consumption
   - Very quiet operation
   - Negligible wear and no tear
   - Low maintenance
   - Low O&M costs
   - High environmental standards
   - Long service life
   - Quick return on investment.

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Furnace Feeding
Casting Conveying
casting sorting
casting sorting
Blast feed
& out-feed
Casting Degating & Sorting
Sprue Crusher Feed & Out-feed
Casting Cooling
In Mold Cooling
Mold Dump
Hot Sand

An installed base of 1,500+ machines and systems worldwide