Stamping plants and press shops

Stamping plants and press shops


Solutions provider for the stamping and press-industry

That's where tradition and innovation in conveyor systems meet

Whether it takes to handle finished parts (i.e. pressed body parts, cold-rolled products, pickled sheets, etc.) or metal stamping/press scrap (i.e. bushy material, die-cast scrap, metal chips, and turnings), Magaldi manages the solution. 
Designed and patented in the early 20th century, the Supercinghia buffalo leather belt has lasted over time and resisted the advance of technology by always carving out new areas of application. It still provides all the advantages descending from its revolutionary construction principle, ensuring a long (10+ years!), reliable, and trouble-free life, which represents an added value for all industries working on a continuous flow process.
Likewise, the newly patented Superbelt® C steel belt conveyor has been conceived to boost throughput by automating scrap handling operations and guaranteeing a smooth production process.
Both types of conveyors offer a combination of advantages that sets us apart from all the others:

   - High reliability and operational performance
   - Maximized uptime
   - Improved pressroom/stamping process productivity
   - Safety risks mitigation
   - Lower O&M costs
   - Long service life.

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