Solutions provider for sinter plants

The extensive know-how in transporting abrasive material at extremely high temperatures has paved the way for the development of custom-tailored solutions to face the challenge of economically and environmentally sustainable production of high-quality sinter.

Magaldi participates in the sintering process both on the raw material side and in the handling of hot sinter, thanks to state-of-art conveyors that combine the capability to handle dusty and abrasive materials, even at high temperatures, and the aptitude for high-quality standards. The result is a combination of benefits over competing technologies that set us apart from all the others:

   - High reliability
   - Increased uptime
   - Class-leading performance
   - Greater process streamlining 
   - Higher quality sinter 
   - Outstanding energy savings
   - Low O&M costs
   - Low noise emissions
   - Safe operations
   - Environmental sustainability 
   - Long service life.

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Hot Sinter conveying
Raw sinter mix weighing & feeding

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