Solutions provider for Waste-to-Energy plants

Magaldi dry incinerator bottom ash (IBA) handling systems are making their own way onto the WtE market as technically attractive solutions able to offer considerable economic and environmental benefits.

One size hardly ever fits all. That is why Magaldi specialists are committed to engineering custom solutions that could meet the specific needs of your Waste-to-Energy plant. The common denominator is the high reliability of the dry system, which allows extracting, cooling, and conveying bottom ash without any water requirement while offering considerable benefits over wet ash handling systems:

   - High reliability, uptime, and operational performance
   - No water requirement for ash cooling and conveying
   - Lower operating costs
   - Higher boiler efficiency
   - Process environmental sustainability and CO2 emissions reduction
   - Improved metals recovery rates
   - Marketable ash (low amounts of carbon or LOI) and metals (in purer forms).

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