Steel belt conveyor for automatic casting sorting

Steel belt conveyor for automatic casting sorting

The Superbelt® PRZ conveyor

The ideal solution for smooth automatic sorting operations

Many foundries are moving from manual to automatic casting sorting to reduce labor costs, speed up the process, and increase safety.
Featuring a unique and patented belt design, the Superbelt® PRZ-type conveyor has the potential to achieve higher process efficiency, reduce major defects to castings caused by manual operations, and improve worker safety.
Compared to standard Superbelt® conveyors, the PRZ-type features a flat belt surface (steel pans are not partially overlapping but flat), and turn-down sidewalls to allow casting sorting while preventing sidewall or plow impingements against moving parts.
The conveyor is also provided with:

  • Sensors, to detect the presence of castings during transport
  • Multiple plows and side chutes, to divert material on either side of the belt at pre-designated locations.

The typical configuration foresees castings discharged from the blasting machine and loaded in batch mode onto the Superbelt® conveyor.
Based on the casting type to sort, the operator opens, through a dedicated local control panel, the proper plow, so that the castings are automatically diverted from the belt to the selected chute.

No mechanical shocks

The conveyor is made of the assembly of a high tensile steel mesh onto a series of steel pans. An active tail pulley tensioning device allows torque transmission by friction via a drive pulley.
Thanks to its design concept, there is no relative motion between conveyed material and steel plates during transportation so the material is transported in absence of any mechanical shock.

Reduced silica dust emissions

The Superbelt® conveyor provides a competitive edge in dealing with a highly sensitive issue, namely workers' exposure to crystalline silica dust.
The simple operation of the Magaldi conveyor system ensures smooth running without vibrations which, in turn, minimizes dust emissions, contributing to a safer and healthier work environment.