Casting Cooling
MCC® - Magaldi Casting Cooler

The MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler) is today a well-proven technology for castings conveyance and air cooling, that combines the outstanding reliability of the Magaldi Superbelt® to an efficient cooling process.

The MCC® creates a safer work environment for operators with no exposure to noise and dust emissions, furthermore proprietary calculation methods allow to predict and guarantee the MCC® cooling performances.

The Magaldi Casting Cooler is based on the Magaldi Superbelt® “P type” technology, designed to withstand very heavy mechanical loads with material that can weigh hundreds of kilograms.
The Magaldi Superbelt® “P type” is capable of heavy bulk material conveyance, including castings, sprues and core sand.

The MCC® is equipped with a cooling tunnel, held under negative pressure, in which a stream of cooling air flows at controlled speed.

The MCC® is completed with the MISS® (Magaldi Integrated Supervision System) in order to automatically control the cooling parameters in accordance with the different types of casting to be handled. The MISS®, equipped with a dedicated PLC, receives all the status signals of the Magaldi installation and elaborates the necessary process parameters, in order to control the operation of the cooling system according to a customized logic.

Depending on the casting ID and the detected inlet temperature, the MISS® automatically adjusts the MCC® belt speed and the cooling air flow rate. Thermal simulations, performed through proprietary thermal heat exchange models and relevant calculation tools, allow the accurate prediction of the castings temperatures in order to properly moderate the cooling air flow rate, and can be used for the cooling tunnel designing.

Compared to conventional castings cooling technologies, the MCC® offers:

  • high mechanical dependability (5 years warranty on the Superbelt® belt);
  • flexible layout arrangement, inclined conveyance (up to 35°);
  • no heavy foundations required;
  • efficient air cooling;
  • low power consumption, low spare parts requirements;
  • fully integrated supervision system, for automatic and optimized operation;
  • ability to convey fine core sand without any carry back or spillage during conveyance