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Parola e Luraghi


The new foundry of Parola & Luraghi located in Lombardia is considered to be a high value reference for any Company involved in the foundry market.
Parola & Luraghi’s main target was to acquire a dependable technology for handling the castings from the shakeout station to the casting packing step. They selected the Superbelt® technology and, for Magaldi, it was the confirmation of its Company motto: “Dependable Technologies”.



Founded in 1921 by Riccardo Parola e Santino Luraghi, the foundry specialized in iron castings for water mains. Nowadays, the Company has two foundries, located in the Lombardia and Piemonte regions, and produces a wide range of castings used in different business ambits.
More than 90 years of history as one of the best Italian foundries are now supported by the best technology available in the foundry sector.



The first of the two supplied Magaldi Superbelt® conveyors was placed downstream the shakeout drum.
It is capable of handling the entire batch of 350 castings arriving from the DISAMATIC line, and controlling the “sand heaps” released from time to time by the shakeout station. The pans of the steel conveyor belt are made of steel Hardox 360÷440HB, to assure the highest resistance against both corrosion and deformation.
The Magaldi Superbelt® conveys the castings to the continuous shot-blasting machine.

The second Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, placed downstream the continuous shot-blasting machine, was applied for the sprue removal and casting sorting operations, where operators use hydraulic wedges to convey the material directly onto the belt in total safety. The maximum sound pressure level is <80±1dB(A) even when the conveyor is running at the maximum loading rate. The Client arranged the packing station and warehouse all around the steel belt conveyor to reduce the related operational costs.

The Magaldi Superbelt® technology was selected as the most dependable to satisfy the Client’s target, assuring maximum productivity and an outstanding reduction of power consumption.