After the valuable experience gained with the GIS group for the plant of Tisamatic, Magaldi was involved in a project to cool down castings with the requirement to place the MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler) in a very narrow space due to layout constraints of the existing foundry.
This was a reason to study and develop an enhanced casting cooler that could provide the same benefits and performance of the MCC®, but with a shorter length: this is the so called SuperMCC®.



The Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS) and the ZF-TRW Company inaugurated the Evercast's new plant in Irapuato, Guanajuato (Mexico) with a USD 120 million investment. The Company, dedicated to the foundry and machining of automotive parts, produces nodular-iron security components such as calipers, brackets and adaptors for the automotive braking systems.
The plant was installed a few meters away from its "sister" Cifunsa Irapuato and has a capacity of 50 thousand tons from a vertical Disa molding line.



The first stage of the project was for a single line that should be doubled in the next few years.
The SuperMCC® is fed by a short vibrating feeder installed downstream of a Didion drum. This vibrating feeder allows for a correct distribution and placement of the castings on the SuperMCC® to comply with the resident time identified for each group of castings.
The SuperMCC® is provided with the Magaldi Integrated Supervision System (MISS®) in order to optimize the cooling performance for each different type of production and to minimize the energy consumption for the cooling process. The conveyor is equipped with a 20-meter cooling tunnel, held under a negative pressure by a venting system. A Magaldi spill chain is installed underneath the main conveyor to recover the sticky sand that may remain attached on the steel pans and carried back. Moreover, a rotating brush is installed in the lower part of the conveyor head section to clean up the belt and its air slots.
The MISS® manages and controls the cooling air flow according to the inlet temperatures of the castings and adjusts the belt speed to meet the design residence time as a function of the various types of castings to be cooled down. The castings come from the Didion drum at about 570 °C and are cooled down to approx. 60 °C. The cooling performance of the SuperMCC® is one of the guaranteed parameters.
The SuperMCC® installation at the Evercast foundry in Irapuato provides the following main benefits compared to a conventional vibrating cooler: