Blackhawk de Mexico S.A.


The foundry decided to increase its capacity by approximately 50% with a new no-bake facility making bigger castings for important brands like John Deere, Dana and Conmet. To achieve this increased capacity, a new foundry was built close to the existing plant. Due to this new capacity, the foundry could not cool down the castings as usual. This created the need to install a dependable and efficient casting cooler, such as the MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler).
The MCC® provided a significant potential for increased productivity especially when compared to the previous system where the foundry used natural cooling techniques to cool down the castings in racks. Natural cooling would have taken around 6 hours, instead the MCC® reduced the cooling time to only 1.5 hours. The cooling performance was guaranteed by Magaldi.



Blackhawk de México is a grey and nodular iron melt shop, that serves Clients located in the North American market. The Company sells its products directly to original equipment and component manufacturers and employs around 280 people.
In recent years, Blackhawk de México has increased its sales volume with Clients like Sisamex, Sudisa, CNH de México, Conmet, Dana Corp., John Deere and Jaiter. At the same time, the Company has developed a capacity to supply its Clients with high value-added finished products, with the inclusion of machine finished products, using internal resources as well as external suppliers.



In 2014, the MCC® was installed to convey automotive items, such as motor supports and gearboxes. The maximum casting size is 1.4 m x 1.1 m x 0.8 m with a maximum weight of 400 kg. The MCC® is equipped with a cooling tunnel, kept under negative pressure, in which a stream of cooling air flows at controlled speed to avoid thermal shocks to the castings. Ambient air is sucked from the centre of the cooling tunnel and is forced to enter the tunnel from the hoods located at its extremities. The casting cooling process is performed by two separate coolers. From the shakeout machine the castings are loaded by crane and then unloaded to the first conveyor. The operators carefully place two castings in parallel on the belt width in order to maximize the cooling time inside the tunnel.
The castings are then transferred to the second conveyor through a special unloading chute. The first conveyor is equipped with head and tail drums having a small diameter (only 300 mm) in order to minimize the drop between the two conveyors during the unloading of the castings. Moreover, the unloading chute is specifically designed to smoothly guide the castings.
As a result, the castings leave the cooling tunnel at a temperature <90 °C. The MCC® conveyors are also equipped with closed pitch carrying idlers at the loading point in order to increase their loading capacity and the resistance to heavy shock loads. An important feature of the MCC® is the possibility to adjust the cooling air flow to account for the ambient air temperature variations throughout the seasons.
This results in saving energy and keeping the same expected temperature of the castings downstream the MCC®. At the exit of the cooling tunnel, operators can perform the required de-gating activities on both sides of the conveyor and then load the castings by crane to the carousel of the shot-blasting machine. Considering a very low noise level and the absence of vibrations, the sprue removal activities become easier and safer for operators.