Although COVID-19 outbreak, our offices in Salerno, U.S.A., India, Mexico and Australia are open.
All production operations are normally performed in our manufacturing plant and our Construction & Commissioning team keeps working to offer customers all needed technical support.
Magaldi Power will keep operating worldwide with part of our engineers and employees in office and part working remotely on Smart Working basis, our team will continue to support you with the same passion and commitment as always.




After a period of crisis during the 80/90’s, the foundry decided to turn the tide by entering the automotive sector with series production in nodular cast iron. The number of produced sprues was so high that, in the spring 2002, it was decided to purchase a dedicated crusher, placed on a metal structure, to enable the crushed sprues to easily flow out. In order to continuously feed the crusher, there was the need for a system able to continuously receive / convey the bins content: a challenge for any type of metallic belt due to the high risk sharp sprues could get stuck everywhere.




Established in 1941, the foundry is a nodular and grey iron casting specialised in medium and large series components of up to 20 kg. It has a diversified production that reaches 68,000 tons/year, covering areas like automotive, accessories and components for hydraulic and gas, agriculture and construction, among others.



Magaldi developed a dedicated solution that found the approval of the Client’s technicians, whose confidence in Magaldi technologies was reaffirmed with the revamping of the first conveyor and the addition of other systems.
Put in operation in summer 2002, the first conveyor was loaded by buckets, discharging sprues on the belt in a single shot to speed up the handling activities. The belt proceeded at a variable speed to prevent clogging.
In 2008, the crusher was positioned behind the three molding lines as well as the conveyor was moved and stretched to prepare it for the continuous service and the loading by bins.

The second conveyor - built and put in operation in a record time during the summer 2010 - was installed as a "collector" of the three molding lines. Operators let sprues dropping directly on the Magaldi Superbelt®, placed at -2,000 mm level, which transfers them to the first Superbelt® that feeds the crusher.
Once again the Superbelt® technology proved to be the most reliable solution to meet different installation requirements. Thanks to its technical features, the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyors can operate in the most difficult conditions, even in the case of concentrated heavy loads, while ensuring maximum productivity.