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In green sand foundries, the castings cooling process downstream the molding line has always posed several issues due to the high volume and speed of production lines. Drums, vibrating coolers and carousels can be possible solutions, but Magaldi has recently opened a new frontier for casting cooling since the installation of the MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler) in a Mexican foundry. The MCC® is based on the well proven Magaldi Superbelt® technology.
It allows foundries to cool down the castings in a smaller space and to minimise the overall power demand. The MCC® is suitable for green sand, no bake (furan), as well as aluminium foundries.



Tisamatic is a green sand foundry based in San Luis Potosi (SLP, Mexico) producing a wide range of castings for the automotive and home appliance sector. It is part of Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS) and has been going from strength to strength due to the excellent quality of its castings and the use of world class technology in its plants.



In September 2013, two new green lines were adjoined to the existing ones for the production of grey and ductile iron castings and equipped with the MCC®  technology.
The MCC® cools down and conveys the castings to the shot blasting machine, as well as the runners, sprues and gates that are successfully de-gated by operators on the same belt. The MCC® is equipped with the Magaldi Integrated Supervision System (MISS®) in order to optimize the cooling performance for each different type of production and to minimize the energy consumption for the cooling process.

At the Tisamatic foundry in San Luis Potosi, the solution includes two parallel Magaldi Casting Coolers, for cooling and conveying both castings and sprues coming from the two molding lines.
Each MCC® is fed by a short vibrating feeder installed downstream of the shakeout line. The short vibrating feeder allows for a correct distribution and placement of the castings on the MCC® steel belt conveyor to comply with the resident time identified for each group of castings. Both the Magaldi Casting Coolers are equipped with a cooling tunnel, 35 meters long, which is kept under a negative pressure. Downstream the cooling tunnel, the uncovered part of the MCC® allows the operators to de-gate the castings and to sort sprues by sliding them down through the conveyors lateral slides onto two further parallel Magaldi Superbelt® conveyors placed below the Magaldi Casting Coolers. The low speed of the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyors, along with a special configuration of their carrying pans (belt type “PR”), makes the Magaldi Casting Cooler a great flat working surface for de-gating castings, ensuring easy sorting and dragging of the sprues/gates towards the lateral chutes.
The cooled and de-gated castings are conveyed to the shot blasting machines by the MCC®. Whereas the sorted sprues are transported by two parallel Superbelt® conveyors to the crushers (from the Magaldi scope of supply) and then transported by two further Superbelt® conveyors and unloaded to specific containers. The MISS® manages and controls the cooling air flow according to the inlet temperatures of the castings and adjusts the belt speed to meet the design residence time as a function of the various types of castings to be cooled down.
The MCC® installation at the Tisamatic foundry in San Luis Potosi provides the following main benefits compared to a conventional vibrating cooler and cooling drums: