The project aimed at reducing installed power and increasing operating hours and overall plant efficiency.
The second goal was the reduction of maintenance and cleaning costs related to the existing vibrating conveyors handling the aluminum sprues removed from the castings.
Moreover,  the customer wanted to improve the environmental quality of the working area since there was a lot of built up material coming from the traditional vibrating conveyor used for the sprues handling.
Since all conveyors for sprues handling are located in several pits below the high pressure die casting machines, the customer was looking for an high dependable conveyor with lower maintenance requirements, in order to avoid to step inside the pit.
The new UBE machine will be installed in March 2017 and will be the first one equipped with a Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor.



Ryobi Die Casting Inc. is located in Shelbyville, Indiana (USA).  The plant includes 2 die casting facilities and a machining facility, encompassing 560,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space.
Established in 1985 as a subsidiary of Ryobi Limited (Japan) which owns die casting facilities in Japan, China, Northern Ireland and United States, Ryobi Die Casting Inc. is leading the industry in high-pressure aluminum die castings.  As tier one automotive industry supplier, its production is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality castings on time. The product range varies from small ladder brackets to large transmission cases, engine blocks and, most recently, structural parts used in Ford, GM and Toyota vehicles.  In addition, Ryobi also manufactures smaller parts for Tuff Torq Corporation, which are utilized in the lawn and garden industry.
Ryobi melts over 170 Million pounds of aluminum per year, offering full service Die-Cast solutions including die design and die making capabilities, in-house melting and alloying, casting, finishing, machining and assembly.



Ryobi asked Magaldi to investigate the possibility of using a Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor instead of the traditional shaking table conveyor to handle sprues coming from the high pressure die casting machine for aluminium casting production.
Ryobi was looking for a more reliable line for the new UBE high pressure die casting machine to be installed in March 2017.
The aluminium sprues were traditionally conveyed with a series of vibrating conveyors that created several maintenance issues to the plant.
Magaldi’s technical department met the Customer’s requirement by installing a Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, approximately 20 meters long, capable of conveying the sprues falling from the de-gating station of the UBE machine up to the discharging area.
The project development was very challenging due to the tight space available.
Magaldi reasonable expects to replace all the shaking conveyors currently running in the plant, thus increasing the reliability of the sprue handling system that serves 12 presses.