Innovation and dependability are two keywords for Magaldi and they have been guidelines for technologies and products since the Company establishment in 1929.
The entrepreneurial approach is therefore primarily focused on the creation and development of new industrial technologies, originating from the activities of a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Office.
Investments in research correspond to about 10% of the total annual turnover of the Group, with a constant trend three times higher than the recommended European indication of 3% stated in the “2000 Lisbon strategy”.

Over the years, Magaldi Group has registered more than 20 original patents for proprietary technologies, originating approximately 400 patent applications worldwide. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are considered a key factor for the competitive advantage of Magaldi.

A motivated team of experienced engineers and researchers is mandatory for the development of new technologies and products, as well as for IPR management. Each member of the team has to balance the requested creativity for innovation with a strong sensitivity to Clients and market requirements.
A more recent focus of the R&D division is on renewable energy systems. In particular, a new thermodynamic solar concentration system, based on fluidized bed technology, has been developed and tested.

The Group has formalized important scientific collaborations with primary public research bodies. In Italy, the most relevant partners are: University of Napoli Federico II, University of Salerno, National Research Council - CNR (Combustion Research Institute, National Institute of Optics, National Institute for Ceramic Materials, Engines Institute, Institute of Materials for Electronic and Magnetism).

Magaldi Group is also a member of Cotec (a foundation aimed at fostering Italian technological competitiveness), ZAR (Zentrum für nachhaltige Abfall- und Ressourcennutzung), and EPPSA (European Power Plant Suppliers Association).