BioValue - Creation of a technological platform for the development of hybrid generation and cogeneration systems based on the exploitation of renewable energy sources

Axis 1 - Research and Innovation - Specific Objective 1.2 "Strengthening the regional and national innovation system" Action 1.2.2 "Support to the realization of complex projects of research and development activities in a few relevant thematic areas and to the application of technological solutions useful for the realization of RIS3 strategies" - POR FESR CAMPANIA 2014-2020

Beneficiaries: Smart Power System Scarl, MAGALDI Power S.p.A., Bioenergy Srl, GRADED spa; CNR_IRC, University of Naples Federico II, University of Sannio, University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli".
Timeframe of the project: 1st October 2014 - 28th February 2021


This project is developed within the framework of the "Energy valorization of biomass and residues" line of the Energy Technology District of the Campania Region. The overall objective is to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for the valorization of renewable energy sources (RES).
In order to ensure the successful biomasses exploitation of different nature and availability, the project was developed in two directions:

  • Evaluation of the potential linked to the integration of different technologies, in particular those based on concentrated solar power and the thermochemical conversion of biomass, through the use of renewable energy sources mixed together in a highly flexible technological platform based on the use of fluidized bed reactors;
  • To verify the functionality and performance of small-scale (up to 200 kWe) prototype cogeneration plants based on integrated pyrolysis-gasification and anaerobic digestion processes of wet and dry biogenic residues.

Macro-objectives of the research project are:

  • Hybridization of concentrated solar radiation (CSP) generation/cogeneration technology by integration with ex-situ thermochemical transformation processes of renewable fuels (biomass) to produce electricity and/or heat.
  • Creation of a research laboratory for the development of integrated pyrolysis-gasification and anaerobic digestion processes of plant and animal biomass and OFMSW, aimed at the combined production of electrical and thermal energy.