Scrap conveying from cutting machine
Magaldi Superbelt®

The Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor is the ideal solution for scrap conveying coming from cutting machines.
When seamless or welded pipes are produced, they need a final cutting at both ends. In this case, a reliable conveying system is required underneath the cutting machine. In fact, any problem that occurs to the conveying system can lead to an unpredictable stoppage of the upstream finishing machine with relevant production losses.
Moreover, in the case of scraps that are loaded into buckets and conveyed by cranes, the plant operators are required to supervise the whole conveying process for safety reasons. On the other hand, the Superbelt® conveyor can continuously and automatically handle the scraps without any supervision.

Being able to design the conveyor with a steep inclination allows the reduction of the footprint resulting from the pit underneath the cutting machine. Noise level and power consumption are at the minimun levels. Moreover, thanks to the high reliability of the Magaldi Superbelt® technology, any unexpected failure of the scraps conveying system is avoided, thus minimizing production losses.