Postcombustion of High UBC Bottom Ash
MAP® - Magaldi Ash Postcombustor

The MAP® (Magaldi Ash Postcombustor) is a development of the MAC® system to extract, convey, cool bottom ash and to enhance and control post-combustion of unburnt

The MAP® (Magaldi Ash Postcombustor) is a development of the MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler) system to extract, convey and cool bottom ash, and to enhance and control the post-combustion of unburnt particles for all applications with high unburnt content.
This situation is typical of a PC boiler firing (or co-firing) fuel with proper milling difficulties (lignite, RDF or Biomass) and consequent uncomplete combustion in the furnace.
In case of significant amounts of unburnt carbon being extracted together with bottom ash, the MAP® system overcomes the limitations of conventional systems: water pollution, energy loss, particles floating in the water bath as well as fines suspended in the water.
The MAP® system aims at enhancing the oxidation of the fraction of unburnt carbon in dry bottom ash. It achieves the greatest advantages where the coarser fraction of fuel is not present in the combustion chamber long enough to burn completely. This fraction, due to slower combustion kinetics, falls down into the bottom hopper, appreciably increasing the content of unburnt carbon in bottom ash.
The MAP® system can be seen as a system integrated with the boiler, reducing the restrictions on fuel size distribution and mixing conditions.