Hot Shred Conveying
Magaldi Ecobelt®

Designed for Aluminum Recycling Plants, Magaldi has developed and manufactured a Hot Shred Conveyor System to connect the rotary de-coaters with the downstream melting furnace.
The Magaldi Ecobelt® is the ideal conveyor to handle hot materials with aggressive chemicals, heavy or sharp products, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly operation. The Ecobelt® key component is the Magaldi Superbelt®: a steel belt conveyor successfully used to handle materials under the toughest process conditions in industries where high dependability is essential.
In fact, it overcomes problems - such as sudden failures and frequent maintenance needs that lead to production losses and high O&M costs - encountered by conventional conveyors (drag chain and apron conveyors).
Furthermore, designed completely enclosed in a steel casing, the Ecobelt® system is suitable to prevent dust dispersion to the environment and ensure the lowest temperature drop thus allowing to re-use thermal energy released from upstream processes.
Maintenance activities are very easy. All bearings are installed outside the casing, allowing trouble-free maintenance at any time and lubrication with the belt in operation.