The Superbelt® conveyor

Suitable for efficient and safe transport of aluminum scrap/shreds

Secondary aluminum production is a shining example of the circular economy. Virtually fully recyclable, aluminum is used in the form of scrap to produce casting alloys for foundries. The closed-loop cycle prevents manufacturing waste from going to landfills, saves energy, and reduces the environmental footprint.
It is vitally important that the recovered aluminum scrap is properly treated, before being further processed, to maximize the efficiency and profitability of the remelting process. As such, after collection, scrap is sheared into smaller pieces. Shredding aluminum reduces and reshapes the metal scrap into desired sizes, making it easier to sort and remove impurities.
Magaldi tailored its Superbelt® conveyor technology to feed aluminum scrap to and from the shredder, delivering top performance with minimum maintenance.

HIgh reliability

The Superbelt® conveyor features partially overlapping steel pans securely bolted on a patented steel double-wire mesh system.
The belt damage-tolerant design is based on a multi-link concept: the mesh provides redundancy, little to no maintenance, and trouble-free continuous operation. Even in case the mesh gets severely damaged, the conveyor will keep running without sudden failures till the scheduled maintenance.
The trouble-free operation ensures productivity and profitability and results in greater efficiency and uptime during a 24/7, year-round process.

Jam-free operation design

Due to sharp edges, thin projections, and irregular shapes, aluminum scrap tends to become caught in the belt.
With the Superbelt®, this issue is solved thanks to the tight pan structure, featuring a perfect fit in the overlap area for an effective seal. This feature prevents materials from snagging or getting stuck, thus avoiding conveyor jam-ups or damage.

Safe operation

Eliminating manual scrap handling keeps operators safe and more productive.
By completely automating the scrap/shreds handling process, the Superbelt® conveyor minimizes safety risks related to forklift traffic and operators’ exposure to falling material. The conveyor design, featuring high skirtboards that follow the belt sidewall profile along its entire length, prevents material overflow during transportation.

Low power consumption

Designed to avoid sliding friction among the moving parts, the Superbelt® conveyor is very energy-efficient. Its power demand is about one-tenth of that of vibratory conveyors.

Little to no maintenance

The Superbelt® conveyor requires little to no maintenance as it is devoid of critical wear points (no wear bars, pins, hinges, chains, or sprockets). The only points requiring lubrication are the head and tail pulley bearings, which can be greased with the belt running. The other components are designed for continuous operation and can be checked during preventive maintenance over a multi-year schedule.