Aluminum scrap conveying
Magaldi Superbelt®

In order to optimize the melting capacity and improve the operating conditions in aluminum foundries, Magaldi has developed a mechanical conveying system able to handle large amounts of aluminum scrap to load the furnace or the shredder, in a reliable way.
Usually, sharp aluminum scraps, which might also be very large and heavy (up to hundreds of kilograms), are loaded into the shredder or in the furnace via buckets, skip loading systems or conventional Apron conveyors, according to a slow and sometimes dangerous process.
To reduce the conveying time and improve the workplace safety, Magaldi customized the Superbelt® technology: a dependable steel belt conveyor made up of partially overlapping steel pans bolted on a steel double-wire mesh, that forms a virtually sealed belt able to withstand heavy shock and impact loads.
The system’s dependability is guaranteed by the “multi-link” construction feature of the belt, a “damage-tolerant” design ensuring continuous operation without any risk of an unexpected outage.
The Superbelt® is able to absorb heavy shock loads: the plates are made of manganese steel with a hardness of ≥400HB and a thickness of 8 + 8 mm.
In addition, the conveyor’s ability to reach steep inclinations (up to 35°) allows to reduce the plant size and easily reach the furnace/shredder loading point.