Dust Proof Steel Belt Conveyor for Handling of Dry Fly Ash

The Magaldi Ecobelt® FA is a mechanical conveyor designed for handling fly ash from the hoppers located along the flue gas path, including economizer (ECO), selective catalytic reactor (SCR), air heaters (AH), and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) or baghouse.
The Magaldi Ecobelt® FA, installed under each row of collection hoppers, continuously receives ash from the hoppers, that are therefore normally empty. Furthermore, the hoppers can be provided with enlarged outlet cross-section, up to 7 times, allowing a smooth mass flow discharge.
Mechanical conveying on the enclosed Magaldi Superbelt® at low speed without friction between ash and metal parts, means minimum wear, low power consumption, high reliability, dust containment, and provisions for emergency stop and restart of the conveyor full of ash.
In this way, ash is continuously conveyed to a local transfer silo (typically, 100÷1,000 m3 capacity) for truck loading or further conveying to final storage silos. Depending on the specific power plant arrangement, conveyance from local silo to final storage silos can be either mechanical, with the Magaldi Ecobelt® FA, or pneumatic.
The mechanical solution is advisable, for maximum power savings and O&M cost reductions, in case final storage silos are located close to the boiler area and there are no lay-out restrictions.
When that is not feasible, the Magaldi Ecobelt® FA can be associated with a pneumatic conveying from local to final silos, offering the benefits of a mechanical conveying linked to a single, simpler and low power demand pneumatic conveying system.