Waste To Profit, virtuous technical solutions to main issues in IBA Management

Magaldi Power spa has brought together a group of experts from industry, media and academia for a digital roundtable discussion on 22 September 2021, 3.30 PM (9.30 AM EST) with the aim of providing answers to the outstanding questions


Waste-to-energy plants are a key figure in the equation of waste management and environmental protection. Today, there are state of the art technologies able to reduce to the minimum the environmental impact of these plants. These include those relating to main issues in IBA (Incineration Bottom Ash) Management. Waste combustion makes it possible to obtain energy from the combustible fraction. Extracting the metal fraction from the ashes, waste combustion also allows the recovery of ferrous and not ferrous metals such: aluminium, copper but even other precious metals such as gold, silver and other metals found in electronic circuits. The remaining mineral fraction can also be used in the construction industry. This makes easier the recovery of materials and eliminates landfill waste as part of a performing circular economy that is economically and environmentally attractive. 

What are therefore the best technologies to treat IBA - incineration bottom ash? The challenge is to untie the knots related to dust containment, tramp air, boiler efficiency and materials recovery. Is wet or dry IBA technology more effective? Which is the most innovative technique that offers more environmental and economic advantages? What are the recent European policies on the issues? 

To answer these questions, Magaldi Power, a leader in the field of bottom ash handling systems with the dry extraction system, brought together a panel of experts in waste-to-energy and IBA - Incinerator Bottom Ash - treatment for a digital roundtable discussion, scheduled on Wednesday, September 22nd at 3:30 PM CET (9:30 AM EST): “Waste To Profit, technical solutions to main issues in IBA Management”.  

Alessandra Migliaccio, Western Europe Economy Correspondent at Bloomberg, will be the moderator of digital roundtable discussion. The conference will be attended by: Daniel Böni, Managing Director KEZO& ZAR Foundation Centre; Matteo Maiello, Biomass & WtE Sector Manager at Magaldi Power; Mario Grosso, Associate Professor D.I.C.A. Environmental Section Politecnico di Milano; Alberto Cambiaghi General Director at Brianza Energia Ambiente SpA; Aurelien Ballagny, Head of policy at Eswet (European Association representing the Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology); Paolo Magaldi, Deputy Ceo at Magaldi Power SpA.

During the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask the experts for clarification and dispel any doubts. 

Discover the panel of experts and register here to attend: https://webinar.magaldi.com/