Magaldi Technologies LLC is pleased to invite you to join us at our Booth #151-154 during the FUNDIEXPO exhibition that is being held from October 24th to 26th in  Guadalajara, Mexico.
In this occasion, Magaldi will be glad to present its wide range of proprietary technologies developed for the foundry sector.

World’s leading manufacturer of steel belt conveyors to handle materials under the toughest process conditions (e.g. high temperatures, heavy loads, dusty, bulky, grain or abrasive materials), Magaldi boasts more than 1,500 installations worldwide.

Focusing on the Mexican market, several foundries already chose to rely on our technologies by installing 40 steel belt conveyors in their manufacturing plants.

Magaldi’s area of expertise ranges from casting cooling and conveying to shot-blasting loading/unloadinghot sand conveyingde-gating and sortingsprue crusher feedingmold dump conveyingfurnace feeding.
Tailored on the customer needs, Magaldi technologies are able to overcome all problems caused by traditional conveying systems (e.g. Apron technology or vibrating systems), allowing to achieve benefits in terms of higher dependability, excellent performance, decreased O&M costs, no vibrations and a noise level <65 dB(A) which contribute minimize workers’ exposure to respirable crystalline silica and to create a healthier and safer workplace.

Thanks to continuous investments in R&D, Magaldi is constantly developing new technological solutions such as the SuperMCC®, an enhanced version of the MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler) able to improve casting cooling performance in a tighter space, and the MCC® AL for the Air Quenching of aluminum castings.

For in-depth information, we warmly welcome you at our booth #151-154!