Magaldi’s technology in Saudi Arabia

Ma’aden - the largest mining company in Saudi Arabia - was looking at the replacement of a rubber belt weighing feeder that was suffering from the material high temperature (380° Celsius) and abrasiveness.
The Customer’s need was satisfied by installing a Magaldi Weighing Feeder: an assembly of the dependable Magaldi Superbelt® steel belt conveyor and a weighing system made by four loading cells that continuously weigh the layer of the conveyed material.
The speed of the Magaldi Weighing Feeder is controlled through a frequency converter. The feed rate is determined by integrating the belt speed, taken from a tachometer, and the weight signal, given by the load cells.
The controller compares the actual feed rate with the desired one and it adjusts the belt speed.
Magaldi has realized  the complete supply and erection of the weighing feeder, integrating the electrical signals coming from the weighing in the existing PLC control system.

The Magaldi Weighing Feeder guarantees:
- High dependability;
- Resistance to abrasiveness thanks to the pans in manganese steel;
- A weighing accuracy of +/- 3;
- Noise reduction thanks to the Magaldi Superbelt®, operating at a noise level below 65 dB(A);
- Elimination of dust into the environment;
- Wearing parts reduction;
- Lower O&M costs.

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