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Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland (KEZO)


In June 2012, Magaldi successfully carried out the installation of the innovative Magaldi Ecobelt® WA conveyor.
The Ecobelt® WA replaced an existing vibrating conveyor, that collected the dry bottom ash produced by the combustion lines #2 & 3 at KEZO Hinwil CHP plant.



KEZO, which stands for Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland, is the owner of the waste incinerator located at Hinwil in Switzerland.
This CHP plant is provided with three combustion lines, burning household and industrial wastes. The twin lines #2 & 3 have an output of about 22 thermal MW each.



The dry bottom ash handling at the KEZO Hinwil CHP plant, owned by the association of the Zurich Oberland region, has always been a troublesome business. The first dry conversion (1st generation) took place in 2007 on the combustion line #2. After about two upsetting years of operating experience, the dry bottom ash extraction system was completely redesigned and restructured (2nd generation).
The new generation of dry bottom ash handling systems, based on vibrating conveyors, was installed in 2010 on the combustion line #3. However, the outcomes of the revamping were not considered acceptable by the plant management,  so that in 2012 it was decided that a completely innovative approach should be followed. Magaldi was therefore contacted by KEZO and, after thorough discussions and technical analyses, it was decided to retrofit one out of three vibrating conveyors with the innovative Magaldi Ecobelt® WA conveyor.
The installation of the Ecobelt® WA conveyor was completed in June 2012.
The conveyor overcame the problems encountered by the existing vibrating feeder: e.g. low reliability, unpredictable outages and pulse waves back to the furnace that disturbed the combustion process. The Ecobelt® WA, placed in a small pit, handles the dry bottom ash, produced by the combustion lines #2 & 3. Its power consumption is extremely low (only 0.2 kW approx.). The conveyor is also equipped with a spill chain to recover the fine residuals from the bottom of the casing. Usually, the spill chain is intermittently operated due to the small amount of material to be conveyed. The dry bottom ash is conveyed by the downstream equipment to the metals recovery facility located behind the incineration plant.
This innovative facility, designed to treat about 200,000 tons per year of bottom ash, is the first fully-dry slag recycling plant in the world. The experience, that Magaldi has gained over these years, shows today how the installation features maximum availability combined with minimum O&M costs.