Taiwan Power Company (TPC)


The Linkou Thermal Power Plant is located in the Linkou District in northern Taiwan, approximately 20 km west from central Taipei.
The Linkou renewal project consists of a supercritical coal-fired thermal power plant that is built on the existing site of a 2x300 MW subcritical plant. Taiwan's electricity needs have been increasing every year alongside their continuous economic growth supported by a robust external demand.
In 2011, Magaldi Power was awarded an order from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.(MHI) for the supply of its dry bottom ash handling systems for three new coal-fired supercritical pressure power generation units, rated 800 MW each, at the Taiwan Power Corporation’s Linkou Thermal Power Plant.
The project challenge was to break the End User’s mistrust that considered only a conventional wet system for the bottom ash handling. The high reliability of the MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler) system installed, together with MHI, at the Pacifico Thermal Power Plant in Mexico (1x700 MW) paved the way for the successful implementation of the first Magaldi Power technology also in Taiwan.



MHI Group manufactures a wide array of products - nearly 700 in total - encompassing the domains of land, sea, air and space.
MHI provides construction through to after-sales services for various power generation facilities, including thermal power plants that achieve the world's highest generation efficiency and CO2 reduction levels. MHI has always supplied numerous conventional power plants using various fuels all over the world with its all-round process capability and its advanced technologies. In regard to an efficient use of limited energy resources and global environmental protection, the ultra-supercritical (USC) power plant has been developed and constructed by MHI with the following main features: high efficiency from higher steam conditions; a variable pressure operation and operational flexibility; large capacity and higher reliability; environmentally clean power generation.
The Taiwan Power Company operates as an integrated power utility that generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity across Taiwan. It generates electricity through hydro, thermal, nuclear, and renewable sources. The company serves approx. 13 million Clients with a total installed capacity of approx. 40,977 MW in Taiwan and the offshore islets of Penghu, Kinmen and Mazu.
The Taiwan Power Company was founded in 1946 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan.



The MAC® systems installed for the Linkou project start at the boiler throat outlet where a bottom ash hopper, refractory lined, is connected to the furnace via a mechanical seal. The bottom of the hopper will be equipped with hydraulic bottom doors, capable of separating the MAC® extractor from the boiler and transforming the hopper into a temporary storage space for the bottom ash. At the MAC® extractor discharge, the bottom ash grain size is reduced in a crushing stage. Then, a further cooling and mechanical conveyance of the ash is achieved by the Ecobelt® , a steel belt conveyor. The Ecobelt® design is similar to the MAC® extractor one. It is equipped with a self-cleaning device and the O-Chain to recover the fine particles from the bottom of the conveyor casing. The bottom ash is finally discharged into two storage silos for final disposal.
The MAC® system cools the bottom ash down to a temperature less than 150 °C by using only 1% of the total combustion air, which is naturally drawn into the system by the negative pressure prevailing inside the boiler, so without using any other fans. The overall boiler efficiency is improved thanks to the heat recovered by the cooling air. The expected efficiency improvement ranges from 0.081 up to 0.212%.
Thanks to the installation of the MAC® system, the relevant benefits in terms of boiler efficiency improvement, high reliability, fresh water saving, less power demand and environmentally friendly bottom ash handling, guarantee the full satisfaction of the End-User.