EWP (Korea East-West Power)


In recent years, South Korea has experienced one of the world's fastest economic growth rates. Because of the need to meet the domestic demand for electricity and ensure a reliable supply for industrial development, the power sector underwent a fast growth rate between 2011 and 2012.
Since 2004, the Korean Power Sector has accepted Magaldi technologies for the dry bottom ash handling in coal fired power plants.
In 2011, East-West Power Co. Ltd. (EWP) selected Magaldi as supplier of the MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler) systems for the 2 greenfields Units #9 &10 of the Dangjin power plant (2x1,000 MW). The Dangjin power plant, located about 70 km southwest of Seoul, represents the state-of-the-art of a new generation of power plants in South Korea, featuring ultra-supercritical boilers and a plant efficiency never achieved before in conventional coal based plants. This project represents an outstanding achievement both for the capacity installed and the technical solutions implemented, which place Dangjin among the best performing power plants in the world.



Korea Electric Power Co. (KEPCO) was established in July 1961 from the integration of Gyeongseong Electricity, Joseon Electricity and Namseon Electricity. About 40 years later, Korea's power industry went through a major change. The Korea power industry was restructured by the Korean government. Korea East West Power Co. Ltd. (EWP) was spun-off from the vertically-integrated KEPCO, along with four thermal and one nuclear generation companies (GENCOs). Today, EWP operates and develops several power plants in South Korea and overseas, with a total of about 2,300 employees, 650 of which are managers. EWP aims at being the “most valuable power company” in South Korea.



The MAC® system extracts, cools, grinds and conveys the bottom ash to a temporary storage silo. The MAC® system is connected to the boiler through a mechanical expansion joint, which assures a sealed connection between the boiler and the bottom ash hopper. The bottom hopper, refractory lined and thermally insulated, is equipped with hydraulically-operated bottom doors. The MAC® extractor conveys and cools the bottom ash using a controlled amount of ambient air that enters the conveyor casing due to the negative pressure prevailing in the boiler. The air flow cools the ash along the conveyor and reaches the combustion chamber recuperating a considerable amount of energy from the bottom ash. As a result, cooling air enters the furnace through the boiler throat at quite a high temperature, receiving a significant amount of energy in the form of ash sensible heat, ash chemical energy from unburnt particles and boiler radiation flux through the throat. After discharging from the MAC® extractor, the bottom ash is reduced to approx. 25 mm grain size by single roll crushers. Downstream the crushing stage, the bottom ash is further cooled in the Postcooler conveyor and then discharged into the storage silo (not included in Magaldi’s supply scope).The silo is equipped with 3 exits: