The new Block 10 of the Walsum Power Plant was built in 2006, and has an installed capacity of about 790 MW. It provides district heating, process steam and compressed air for local industrial use. With a net plant efficiency of over 45%, the Walsum Block 10 is one of the most efficient coal-fired power plants in the world, some five percentage points higher than in other more recent bituminous coal fired power plants in Germany.
The advantage of having valuable know-how available in-house was the reason why Evonik Steag decided to keep the Magaldi (MAC® - Magaldi Ash Cooler) dry systems as part of the conceptual design of the new block. Moreover, when the power plant went into operation, the new unit did benefit from the cutting edge process of the bottom ash recirculation to the furnace chamber which simplified the overall plant ash management.



The new 790 MW Block 10 of the Walsum Power Plant is a joint venture of STEAG (Germany)- now the Energy Business Area of the new Evonik Industries - with a 51% stake, and EVN AG, the energy and infrastructure company based in Maria Enzersdorf (Austria). For over ten years Evonik Steag has been planning, financing, building and operating hard-coal-fired power plants outside Germany, most of them using the MAC® system as a dry bottom ash handling system: Evonik Steag’s first foreign power plant was erected in Paipa (Colombia) and has been in operation since 1999; in 2004 the hard-coal-fired power plant in Iskenderun (Turkey) was officially opened; the coal-fired power plant Mindanao on the Philippine island of the same name was put into commercial operation in November 2006.
Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE) booked the order for the first German turn-key construction of this new unit and in turn gave to Magaldi the order for the first MAC® dry bottom ash removal system in Germany, which represented a sign of confidence for Magaldi’s competence and huge worldwide experience.



The new supercritical steam generator of Walsum Block 10 was equipped with the MAC® .The coarse ash falling down and leaving the furnace through the boiler hopper throat is collected, air-cooled and transported by the Magaldi Superbelt® stainless steel conveyor.
After discharging from the MAC® extractor, the bottom ash size is drastically reduced in a single roll crusher. Further cooling and transportation of the bottom ash is obtained by means of another mechanical conveyor: the Postcooler, with a design similar to the MAC® extractor.
The cooled bottom ash is finally discharged in a dedicated silo, capable of storing the quantity of ash produced in 24 hours. From the storage silo, the bottom ash is recirculated onto the coal conveyor belts, thus making it possible to completely convert the bottom ash into more valuable fly ash.