TrASH or treasure? Magaldi's Insight Days at KEZO and Horgen WtE plants

TrASH or treasure?

Magaldi's Insight Days at KEZO and Horgen WtE plants

We would like to extend our heartfelt THANKS to each and every one of you for joining us in the event held on February 15th and 16th at the WtE plants in Horgen and KEZO. 

We hope that the plant tours and the testimonies shared during the event have provided you with valuable insights into the benefits of dry IBA treatment. The MADAM (Magaldi Dry Ash Management) system, showcased during the event, offers a flexible turnkey solution tailored to meet your specific requirements. It can be scaled according to the dimensions of your plant, providing a comprehensive solution for the extraction, cooling, treatment, and associated revenue stream of dry IBA.

Your active participation and contributions made the event truly enriching for all involved. We believe that the knowledge shared and relationships forged during this event will pave the way for new ventures, facilitating the creation of circular economy models in the WtE sector.

MADAM system

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MADAM system - Magaldi Dry Ash Management

Presentation_Mr. Daniel Böni

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Presentation_Daniel Boni_KEZO_Magaldi open days

Presentation_Mr. Johan Böni
Magaldi Power SpA

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Presentation Johan Boni_ Magaldi Open Days

Presentation_Mr. Alberto Cambiaghi
Brianza Energia Ambiente

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Presentation Alberto Cambiaghi_ Magaldi Open Days


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Q&A, dry IBA extraction and treatment

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