Mechanical Handling of Biomass in PCF Power Plants
Magaldi Biomass Preparation System

The Magaldi Biomass Preparation System handles, pulverizes and injects several types of biomass into a pulverized coal-fired (PCF) boiler.
The co-firing of biomass in large PCF power plants is an efficient and effective solution to satisfy the “green” energy demand and to cope with the new regulations concerning greenhouse gas emissions.
On the basis of the latest environmental agreements, the demand for energy from renewable sources is growing to meet commitments to environmental pollution and sustainable development. The exploitation of renewable energy sources does not necessarily require the construction of new plants.
A viable alternative to new plants is the co-firing of biomass in large PCF power plants. The Biomass Preparation System designed by Magaldi is based on the direct injection co-firing. Biomass bypasses the coal mills, allowing high co-firing ratios with increased fuel flexibility and minimum impacts on the boiler performance and availability.
There are three options for the direct injection co-firing of the pre-milled biomass depending on available space:

  • the direct injection into the furnace, with no flame stabilization and no additional combustion air;
  • the injection into the pulverized coal streaming, co-firing the biomass through the coal burners;
  • the installation of new dedicated biomass burners, associated with combustion air supply.

The system is provided with all relevant fire suppression and explosion protection devices according with international norms (e.g. European ATEX Directives).
The Magaldi Biomass Preparation System can be integrated into existing PCF boilers, with minimum impact, and also fit newly built co-fired boilers.