Hot scales conveying
Magaldi Superbelt®

In a typical steel mill, due to the lamination process at high temperatures during the flat products manufacturing, some impurities are generated on the steel surfaces.
In order to remove these impurities, named hot scales, a high pressure water flow is sprayed onto the flat products. A high number of small explosions removes the hot scales that then fall down between the rollers of the rolling mill. The red hot scales, generally with a 80x80 mm average grain size, have to be recovered underneath the rolling mill, that can be 90÷100 meters long.
Conventional solutions use a series of vibrating conveyors, that are well known for releasing fine particles while conveying, and for being unreliable, very noisy, with a high maintenance demand in the case of hot and abrasive material handling.
Moreover, the hot scales conveying system has to be placed in a deep and long pit, that is not easy to reach and clean. All these drawbacks of conventional solutions are overcome by the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor.
Thanks to its high reliability, it is possible to minimize maintenance activities and any unexpected failure of the hot scales conveying system is avoided. Moreover, noise and power demand are at the minimum levels.