Fluidized Bed Ash Handling in FBC Power Plants
FLUIMAC® - Fluidized Bed Ash Extraction System

The Magaldi FLUIMAC® is a patented system for the dry handling of bed ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) boilers.
FBC ash is extracted from the lower part of the boiler through a certain number of drain pipes.
The FLUIMAC® extractors take bed ash at high temperature from the drain pipes performing a double function: cooling the ash, thanks to ambient air flowing in the system, and conveying it to the downstream equipment.
Hot air out of the FLUIMAC® can be delivered to a secondary air duct by a specific fan, allowing for the consequent heat recovery to the boiler, or to a negative pressure point in the boiler circuit.
From the FLUIMAC® extractors, the cooled ash is discharged into the downstream processing equipment: low O&M costs, high reliability and further cooling are ensured by secondary mechanical conveying with the Magaldi Ecobelt® conveyors to a storage silo.
The FLUIMAC® system is characterized by low O&M requirements, long life of the equipment and parts and no usage at all of water in the ash processing. In addition, with the FLUIMAC® system it is possible to increase the boiler efficiency by heat recovery from the ash.