Flow Dynamics Conveyor
FDC - Flow Dynamics Conveyor - License of Kawasaki

The FDC (Flow Dynamics Conveyor), supplied under a license from Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., is a new, idlerless, air supported high-speed belt conveyor, using air floating technology to handle any kind of bulk materials.

With modern developments, several industries demand a material handling technology able to reduce both capital and operation costs as well as offering a solution that meets stringent environmental requirements. The FDC air-supported belt conveyor has proven to be a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology than any other similar technology.

The FDC is composed of a rubber belt conveyor, enclosed in a steel pipe, that conveys the material while supported by a cushion of slow moving and low-pressure air. Bulk materials can be handled with no spillage and no contamination of the environment in a noiseless and smooth operation. The FDC power demand for the pressurized air is far lower than the one required by pneumatic conveyors to convey fly ash for instance. Compared to the FDC, conventional rubber belt conveyors require more power to overcome the friction of the rotating parts.

The FDC has now been installed in hundreds of plants, with conveying capacity up to 6,000 t/h and distance over 1,200 m.

FDC advantages:

  • Eco-friendly. No material spillages mean no environmental contamination;
  • Totally enclosed with bag filters for air cleaning;
  • Able to handle both fine materials (e.g. fly ash, gypsum, fine limestone) and coarse ones (e.g. coal, limestone, pet-coke, alloy steel, blast furnace slag;
  • Easy and safe operation. No troughing carrying and return idlers mean no risk of blockages;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Small space requirements compared to conventional rubber belt conveyors;
  • Low noise level (less than 60 dB(A) at midpoint) and low vibrations.