Dry Ash Handling System in Biomass Plants

The Magaldi Ecobelt® BIO is a system for dry extraction, cooling and conveying of bottom ash produced by grate boilers burning biomass (e.g. wood, bark, straw, bagasse, rice hulls, peach pits, almond shells, orchard pruning, coffee grounds). Depending on the boiler lay-out and restrictions, the same system can also be used to convey grate siftings and fly ash from the hoppers located under the second and third boiler passes.
The Ecobelt® BIO overcomes the limitation of conventional wet ash systems thanks to an “air” cooling process and the dependable Magaldi Superbelt® technology.
The Magaldi Superbelt® allows the conveying of extremely hot, dusty, sharp and abrasive materials, even if containing fines or lumps, over long distances and with steep inclinations.
The Magaldi Superbelt® is designed to be completely enclosed in a steel casing, suitable for preventing dust dispersion to the environment. Its unique multilink design eliminates any risk of sudden failures, avoiding any unexpected boiler shutdowns and ensuring dependable and safe operations. In the Ecobelt® BIO ash cooling is carried out by ambient air.
The conveyor is designed to maximize the cooling process and the unburned carbon conversion. As a result, a significant amount of energy is recovered, contributing to increase the boiler efficiency. Downstream the Ecobelt® BIO ash can be released completely dry or conditioned, according to the Client’s need. The Magaldi Ecobelt® BIO can be implemented either in new projects or as a retrofit replacing conventional wet ash systems.