Magaldi MRS® Mill Reject System for the new 3x660 MWe coal-fired units in an Italy PP

The Italian major power generation Company has decided to assign to Magaldi Power S.p.A. the contract award for the patented Magaldi MRS® Mill Reject System for the new 3x660 MWe coal fired Units of Torre Valdaliga Nord Power Plant (municipality of Civitavecchia). The Client has confirmed the trust for Magaldi in Torre Valdaliga Nord Power Plant after the previous installation of three Magaldi MAC dry bottom ash system in the year 2005 and the Magaldi fly ash storage silo systems in the year 2006. In the lower part of each boiler are installed six mills for coal pulverization. The foreign material, mixed with the coal, that cannot be grinded is rejected by the mills and discharged in a “pyrites box” needed to disengage the coal mill pressure from conveyor pressure (atmospheric). A Magaldi MRS® extractor, located on the bottom of PB, will discharge the pyrites on a Magaldi MRS® collector feeder. The conveyor will transfer mill rejects in a bucket elevator; the latter will feed subsequently a storage collecting bin of 15 m3 placed in the boiler area. Then, a vibrating feeder will extract the pyrites from the collecting bin and will feed an open truck through a telescopic chute. The works for Unit #4 will start at site in the middle of 2008 and the erection will be completed in September. The installation of the second Magaldi MRS® Mill Reject System underneath Unit #3 will start about five months later January 2008 and the third underneath Unit #2 nine months later January 2008.