Arcelormittal - Dofasco


The project aimed at saving power by reducing compressed air demand and increasing operating hours and overall plant efficiency. Located in a tunnel below the run out tables in the hot mill plant, there were 27 shaker tables in continuous operation (24/7, 360 days a year), to be available at any time for when the mill is “ready to roll”.
To ensure that there were no surface defects occurring during the rolling process, it was critical that the scales (iron oxides) formed during the heating process fell off the product and onto those shaker tables. Before this occured, the table rolls removed scales from the bottom of the slabs, which then fell onto the shaker tables at extremely high temperatures.
The scales then fell into a scale pit at the end of the shaker tables, where they were then dropped into a transfer device.



Arcelor Mittal Dofasco is an integrated steel mill, which has been operating in the Hamilton region of Canada since1912, when C.W. Sherman founded the Dominion Steel Casting Company to manufacture castings for Canadian railways. Later named Dominion Foundries and Steel, the company merged with its subsidiary, Hamilton Steel Wheel Company, in 1917.
The name was officially changed to Dofasco Inc. in1980. Dofasco fired up the first universal steel plate mill in Canada and in 1954 it was the first company in North America to adopt basic oxygen furnace technology. In 1996, Dofasco introduced an electric arc furnace and slab caster, the first of its kind for any fully integrated steel maker in the continent.
In 2006, Dofasco was purchased by the Europe-based steelmaker Arcelor. During that period, Arcelor merged with MittalSteel to become ArcelorMittal. Today ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest steelmaker accounting for nearly10% of global steel production.



In 2013, Magaldi was called upon by Arcelor-Mittal Dofasco (AMD) to investigate the possibility of replacing a shaking table conveyor for hot scales conveying as a part of a wider project to make energy savings in their plant. Magaldi found a solution to the main issue of energy saving through the installation of a Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor,approx.90 meters long, capable of conveying the hot scales up to the discharging beam.
The rated power of the Superbelt® conveyor is only 4 kW, while the power consumption is even lower, leading to a significant energy saving compared to the demand of the existing 27 shaking tables. The project was very challenging since the available spaces were very narrow.
In fact, the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor was installed in a long pit located underneath the rolling line. A tight erection period of only 4 days required to preassemble the conveyor in modules of about 6 meters, then moved by a crane into the pit.
Two skilled Magaldi supervisors coordinated all erection and commissioning activities.