KOSEP (Korea South-East Power)


Yeosu coal-fired power plant, located in South Korea, has a total installed capacity of 680 MW. In 2007 a fuel conversion project had been launched to switch from heavy oil combustion to the state of the art environmentally friendly facilities based on fluidized bed boilers. Considering these expectations, the installation of the FLUIMAC® systems was a natural choice for the Yeosu project. FLUIMAC® is an innovative system developed by Magaldi Power for dry extraction and cooling of bed ash produced by fluidized bed combustion boilers. The system contributes to the increase of boiler performance by recovering heat back to the combustion chamber, reducing the coal consumption and eliminating the water used to cool down the bed ash, all fully in line with the advantages given by the boiler.
The two greenfields started the commercial operation in 2011 (Unit #2) and 2016 (Unit #1). Thanks to eco-friendly circulating fluidized bed boilers using low-grade coals, the Yeosu thermal power plant has significantly cut down fuel costs and remarkably reduced greenhouse gas emissions, such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides.



Korea South-East Power (KOSEP) Co. Ltd.was established in 2001, after separating from the electricity generation department of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).The company is headquartered in Jinju, South Korea. KOSEP produces and sells electricity in Korea and internationally. It develops electric power resources; and generates electricity through wind, water, thermal, fuel cell, and solar power resources.
The company is also engaged in the operation and maintenance of utility plants; and the manufacture of fly ash industrial materials. As of December 2013, it operates five power plants with a total capacity of 8,156MW.



For this innovative and challenging project, voted to the use of environmentally friendly solutions, the installation of the FLUIMAC® systems, despite its conventional “wet” bed ash handling system, was the best choice. For each unit at Yeosu PP, Magaldi Power’s scope of supply includes the design and supply of a “dry” bed ash handling system from the boiler drain pipes to the ash discharge into a storage silo, bringing together all of the latest innovations to ensure good operational performance under any operating conditions.
Each FLUIMAC® system is made up of:
- 4 slide gate valves.
- 4 mechanical expansion joints.
- 4 FLUIMAC® extractors.
- 1 Ecobelt® steel conveyor belt equipped with the O-chain.
- 1 Contact Cooler®.
- Air treatment system with 2 cyclones, 2 small power rated fans, 2 high power rated fans.
Due to different operating pressures between the CFB boiler and the FLUIMAC® system, they need to be kept separate by keeping the boiler drain pipes always full of ash and continuously regulating the speed of the FLUIMAC® extractors according to the actual bed ash production. The hot bed ash, flowing down through the drain pipes, is uniformly distributed over the FLUIMAC® extractors and then discharged to the Ecobelt®steel conveyor belt belt for further transportation to the bucket elevator before loading into the storage silo. During transportation, the bed ash is cooled by a counter-current air flow, drafted into the FLUIMAC® system by special fans for air treatment. The Contact Cooler®, located downstream of the Ecobelt® discharge chute and upstream of the bucket elevator, assures an effective drop of the bed ash temperature since it brings into direct contact the falling ash and the fresh air entering the equipment from below. The cooling air circulation and its continuous rate adjustment, necessary to achieve an effective ash cooling and to maximize the heat recovery to the boiler, is guaranteed through the special air fans. Whereas, two cyclones are used to reduce the dust content and avoid corrosion problems to the air ducts.