After successful projects in China and South Korea, FLUIMAC®‘s 2x300 TPH Coal/Pet-coke-fired FBC steam generators at the G.G.S. refinery in Bathinda in the state of Punjab (India) represent the first two FLUIMAC® systems sold in India by Magaldi Power.
In a FBC boiler, the bed ash is extracted from the lower part of the boiler through drain pipes. The FLUIMAC® extractors receive the bed ash at high temperatures from the drain pipes thus exercising a double function:
a) cooling the ash by the ambient air flowing in the system;
b) conveying the ash to the downstream equipment.
The heart of the FLUIMAC® extractor is the Magaldi Superbelt® technology.
FCB boilers represent an important niche for boilers in India, generally used for captive power plants. MP’s target is to penetrate this market by selling as many FLUIMAC® systems as possible in the coming years.



HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL), the End-User, is a joint venture between Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) and Mittal Energy Investment Pte Ltd., a Lakshmi N Mittal Company.
HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) owns a state-of-the-art 9 million metric tonnes per annum Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR) at Bathinda in Punjab (India). The refinery is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, high distillate yielding complex comprising single point mooring 7 km out at sea at Mundra, Gujarat. It has a crude oil terminal with a cross-country pipeline of 1,017 km from Mundra to Bathinda connecting various intermediate pumping stations. It also has a petrochemical unit producing polypropylene and a captive power plant of 165 MW capacity (2x300 TPH CFB coal/pet-coke fired steam generators).
In 2015, ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd. selected Magaldi Power for the supply of 2 FLUIMAC® systems to handle the bed ash produced by these boilers. ISGEC is a diversified global engineering Company based in India, with the following business units: Process Equipment, EPC Power Plants, Boilers, Sugar Plants & Machinery, Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses, Steel & Iron Castings, Contract Manufacturing and Trading.



Magaldi Power’s supply scope starts from the exit of the two boiler drain pipes. So the FLUIMAC® extractors receive, cool down and convey the bed ash to the downstream collecting conveyor. The FLUIMAC® design is based on the Magaldi Superbelt® technology, that permits the safe conveyance of extremely hot, dusty and abrasive materials. The ash cooling medium is only ambient air. No water is required. Cooling air counter-current flows to the ash being conveyed and recovers heat from the hot ash mainly in the form of sensible heat.
The Magaldi FLUIMAC® overcomes the critical aspects of conventional bed ash systems (e.g. screw coolers, rotary drums, fluidized bed coolers).
Particularly, the Magaldi FLUIMAC® ensures:

The Magaldi Ecobelt® steel belt conveyor collects the bed ash from the FLUIMAC® extractors and discharges it to the downstream equipment through the Contact Cooler®, an ash/air heat exchanger whose purpose is to further reduce the ash temperature thanks to the air crossing the falling ash. After exchanging heat with the bed ash, the hot air is delivered back to the boiler thus increasing the overall efficiency.
The air treatment ionsists of  two dedicated cooling air fans (1 working + 1 stand-by) to draft the air from the FLUIMAC® system back to the boiler. To protect these fans from the abrasion of fine ash particles that may still be present in the air flow, a dedusting cyclone is installed. The heat recovery that can be obtained is as much as 2 MWth, considering a bed ash rate up to 8.7 t/h. h).