Although COVID-19 outbreak, our offices in Salerno, U.S.A., India, Mexico and Australia are open.
All production operations are normally performed in our manufacturing plant and our Construction & Commissioning team keeps working to offer customers all needed technical support.
Magaldi Power will keep operating worldwide with part of our engineers and employees in office and part working remotely on Smart Working basis, our team will continue to support you with the same passion and commitment as always.




EP Produzione S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Energetický a Průmyslový (EP) Energy a.s., a leading Central European energy group.
EP Produzione S.p.A. owns the Fiume Santo power plant, where Units #3 & 4 (2x320 MW PCF boilers) are equipped with the MAR® (Magaldi Ash Recycling) System that aims at turning dry bottom ash into fly ash.
The MAR® system is a process which transforms dry bottom ash to fly ash by returning it to the boiler combustion chamber. As a result, the coal combustion no longer produces bottom ash but only 100% fly ash, a more valuable by-product.
In June 2007, Magaldi Power completed the commissioning of the first two industrial installations of the MAR® system at Fiume Santo power plant.



EP Energy group includes companies operating in heat and power distribution and supply, coal trading, renewables and other areas of the energy sector. In 2015, EP Energy acquired some gas and coal generation assets in Italy, including the Fiume Santo power plant that is one of the most important Italian coal based power plants.
The plant is located in the north western part of Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has 2x320 MW coal-fired boilers, commissioned at the beginning of the ‘90s, which have been equipped with the MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler) system since 2003 and upgraded to the MAR® system since 2007.



In 2007, Magaldi Power commissioned the first two industrial installations of the MAR® system on Units #3 & 4 (320 MW each) at the Fiume Santo power plant. The MAR® system receives dry bottom ash from the MAC® system and grinds it to a size suitable for pneumatic conveyance to coal mills, where the ash is mixed with coal, pulverized and then injected to the boiler combustion chamber.
The MAR® system completely eliminates all costs associated with bottom ash disposal or the use of a special slurry system to a bottom ash pond. Moreover, dry bottom ash is turned into fly ash, a more valuable by-product of coal combustion that can be reused in different products and materials, such as concrete / cement production and brick manufacturing in compliance with international standards. The beneficial reuse of fly ash in a product to replace virgin raw materials removed from the earth, allows the preservation of natural resources, saves power and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.