Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

In Magaldi, the concept of individual responsibility is strongly related to that of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is the firm’s commitment to integrating business activities with the protection of the stakeholders’ rights and interests.
These concepts take shape in the Code of Ethics, a document that sets out the rules of conduct that guide the responsible actions of all the employees in the Magaldi Group, and defines the core values upon which the company has built its identity.

Our values

  • Integrity – fairness and honesty in both internal and external interactions.
    Magaldi is focused on the development of relationships of trust and mutual esteem with all its stakeholders and requires all those who operate on its behalf, to comply with ethical conduct in mutual relationships.
  • Customer orientation needs and expectations transformed into concrete solutions.
    Magaldi works closely with its customers to better understand their needs and expectations and turn them into effective solutions. Operational excellence is pursued by achieving the highest standards of quality, prioritizing reliability, availability and safety.
  • Environmental responsibility  efficient management of all resources.
    Magaldi adopts sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in every aspect of its business. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact and build a workplace that is more environmentally aware.

Relations with employees

  • Teamwork and cooperation –dedication to the implementation of the corporate mission, working as parts of a single body. Regardless of the level and degree of responsibility, Magaldi's people are part of a single team and are called upon to cooperate in a constructive way, sharing ideas, know-how, and talents.
  • Diligence and compliance with commitments – effectiveness in performing the tasks entrusted to them.
    A responsible working culture forms the bedrock of Magaldi’s success. Employees are requested to behave with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, in order to carry out their assigned tasks efficiently.
  • Merit and Equity – recognition of individual and collective merits.
    Magaldi employs talented people who care about the business and the jobs they do. To count on more motivated and productive people, the company works to:
           - provide equal opportunities for each employee by applying criteria based on merit and skills for career growth
           - promote aggregation and encourage a group identity
           - create an organizational climate inspired by the motivation and involvement of each member in the acquisition of new skills.
  • Protection of health and safety – dissemination of a culture of health and safety.
    Magaldi pays constant attention to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and adequate working environment through preventive activities aimed at reducing accidents in the workplace to a minimum, as well as through information and training programs that encourage the adoption of responsible and safe behaviors.

Relations with Customers, Suppliers, and Business partners

  • Protection of Intellectual Property
    Magaldi’s intellectual property (trademarks, logos, technical layouts, patents, trade secrets, etc.) is an invaluable asset that must be protected. Customers and Third Parties are not allowed to use it without prior written authorization. Likewise, Magaldi undertakes to avoid improper use and protect information and intellectual property relating to third parties however generated or acquired.
  • Transparent selection process
    Magaldi selects its Suppliers and Business Partners by adopting meritocratic criteria based on professionalism, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and integrity.
  • Ethical behavior in procurement
    Magaldi requires compliance with social obligations from its Suppliers and Business Partners, in particular the respect for human and workers’ rights, the suppression of child labor, and the sustainable and responsible management of environmental and social impacts.

The Code of Ethics applies to all the companies of the Group. It is valid both in Italy and abroad, albeit in accordance with the cultural, social and economic differences in the various Countries where Magaldi operates.
To better understand our Code of Ethics, please take a look at the attached document.

Code of Ethics