The Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor

The Magaldi Superbelt® is a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy products under severe conditions (even up to 1,100 °C), from fines to bulk materials.
The main advantage of all Magaldi’s conveyors is the high dependability ensured by the construction features of the Magaldi Superbelt®: a steel double-wire mesh which carries partially overlapped steel pans bolted on and supported by upper idlers over its entire width.
Compared to conventional chain conveyors, the mesh design ensures that the conveyor will never stop. In fact, even in the very unlikely event that part of the mesh results damaged, the mesh is still able to guarantee the suitable traction force. On the contrary, a broken link in a conventional chain conveyor leads to a forced shutdown of the production line.

Conveying technology

The Magaldi Superbelt® is a steel belt made of partially overlapping steel pans bolted on a steel double-wire mesh, that form a virtually sealed belt.
The patented method of connecting the pans to the mesh belt leaves all elements free to thermally expand in any direction, without permanent deformation. As a result, the Magaldi Superbelt® withstands temperatures higher than any other known conveyor.
In the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, the driving force is transmitted by friction between the head pulley and the belt mesh, while a take-up device on the tail pulley provides a constant tension. This ensures a perfect fitting in the overlapping pans area so that fine materials cannot leak among the pans.
The steel belt is supported by carrying idlers, across its entire width in order to withstand heavy mechanical loads, and return idlers.
Wear is negligible since material is slowly conveyed with no relative motion against steel parts.
Power demand for conveying and noise are at the minimum levels.

Damage-tolerant design

Accidental shutdowns never occur with the Magaldi Superbelt®, even if the steel belt is severely damaged. Contrary to a chain driven conveyor, localized damages in the Magaldi Superbelt® do not compromise the entire belt integrity and functionality.
The Superbelt® can continue to work even if several links of the double-wire mesh are broken. Immediate replacement is not required and the main maintenance activities can be postponed and carried out during a planned outage.
Pans and mesh materials are selected according to operational conditions, from carbon to stainless steels and even higher quality.


  • Damage-tolerant design, multi-link construction.
  • High temperature resistance and tensile strength.
  • Free thermal expansions, with no permanent deformation.
  • No relative motion between material and belt, thus no wear.
  • Maintenance is carried out from outside.
  • No safety hazard for operators.
  • Power demand for conveying and noise are at the minimum levels.
  • Ability to absorb heavy impact loads.
  • Possibility for open and totally enclosed conveyors with self-cleaning devices.
  • Differently from traditional vibrating conveyors, it does not generate dust and noise, thus protecting the surrounding environment.



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