Magaldi Green Energy

Founded in 2021 Magaldi Green Energy is a start up focused on the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy generation and storage: STEM-CSP (Solar Thermo - Electric Magaldi) and MGTES (Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage).

The STEM-CSP (Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi) is a patented Concentrated Solar Power technology developed by Magaldi that produces renewable energy starting from solar radiation. STEM integrates a solid particels TES (Thermal Energy Storage) system within the solar receiver that is used to generate energy even when solar radiation is no longer available. The solar receiver consists of insulated tanks that contain a granular storage medium, such as silica sand, that is fluidized and heated to temperatures above 1000°C. When energy is needed, the thermal energy is released through high pressure steam, CO2 or even hot air systems. This feature makes STEM-CSP a flexible source of renewable energy that can be dispatched on-demand.

The Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) is a flexible, short and long duration and high temperature Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology that utilizes a fluidized bed of solid particles.  This system is capable of using both electricity and heat for the charging phase and then it releases stored energy on-demand in the form of heat. The MGTES technology is modular and provides high flexibility in terms of cycles, temperatures and scalability. Furthermore, thanks to its robust design, low thermal losses and ease of maintenance, MGTES represents a Long Duration Thermal Energy Storage solution with a useful life of 30+ years: it will play an important role in the global decarbonization of industrial processes and power systems.

In collaboration with leading Research Institutes and Universities, the Magaldi Green Energy team is developing an ambitious project aimed at the continuous improvement of its technologies that have the right credentials to enable the energy transition.

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Simone Savastano
Sales Director

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