Magaldi’s business strongly depends on ensuring an excellent customer service, innovative technologies and high-quality products in a cost effective, responsible and reliable manner.

Magaldi’s success and leadership depend on our ability to focus on and satisfy the individual Client’s requirements with innovative solutions. Our continuous commitment is demonstrated by our after-market service that ensures our whole equipment line reliability and the “Client’s Satisfaction”.

Magaldi Service department is always available for on-site inspections, maintenance activities, consulting, system modifications or supply of wear and spare parts.
Our professional growth is part of our daily work: we do our job with passion and we face each challenge by taking advantage of our know-how. We are always responsible for the turn-key execution of our projects, from design concept to hand over, and we take full responsibility for our actions.
Clients can benefit from our skilled employees and decades of experience gained in the field of service support to dry bottom ash handling systems, steel conveyor belts, and more. At same time, our Company takes great note of the feedback that our technicians bring directly from the job sites, allowing us to continuously improve our equipment.
Through our innovative technologies, the Service team will bring more added value to our Clients. Their success is our success.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request; we will be pleased to provide you our expertise.

Skilled assistance worldwide:

  • Spare parts.
  • Training courses.
  • On-site inspections.
  • Maintenance programs.


A basic spare and wear parts stocking program is one of the most important prerequisite to maintain a plant on a continuous basis. This is one of the reason why Magaldi Service offers to its customer, per each equipment installed, all the recommended parts that should be kept in stock. Those parts can be supplied by Magaldi as quickly and reliably as possible from our long-time suppliers or taken directly from our warehouse.
Magaldi Service can offer a wide range of services on the job, from a simple inspection to a complete “turn-key” service operation and our customers come to us because we have the right staff and know-how. Just contact us and our engineers will be glad to discuss and select with you the most suitable solution to your needs, such as:

“On-call” inspections: you can call us at any time we are available to answer 24 hours a day and we will try to get on site as fast as we can. After inspecting the equipment, skilled Magaldi Service technicians will run a complete status report of the equipment identifying the problem and showing the corrective activities to undertake according to their level of priority.

Periodic inspections: monitoring inspections are done during periodic visits, giving to our Service team the possibility to compare results with previous reports and allowing establishing a program of preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Supervision: these Supervisions are programmed in advance with our customers during the plant shut-down and they foresee a whole list of activities to be performed with customer personnel.

Customized Maintenance Contract: after consulting with our customer, based on the operation of their equipment, spare parts consumption, etc. we can set up a Customized Maintenance Contract that best suits their needs.

Training: In order to ensure a high performance of the employees handling everyday routine tasks or exceptional situation and to increment our customer plant production, Magaldi can offer training programs mainly focused on basic engineering and equipment description, equipment functionality, maintenance session including logics and alarms, and last what to do in cases of emergency. The aim of these programs is to allow both the maintenance staff and operation staff to learn the basic skills on how to operate and maintain the system in the best condition and reduce human errors as much as possible. Learning courses are made by skilled personnel, whose know-how is of his highest level: these are professionals who will be involved in the after-sale Service. Therefore, it is also a way to take confidence not only with all the plant procedures, but also with the people that are and will be involved in the maintenance activities.