Weighing Belt Feeder
Magaldi Feeder

Magaldi has developed a reliable belt feeder for handling hot and abrasive materials. The working concept is similar to the one of conventional belt feeders installed under hoppers, but the use of the Magaldi Superbelt® conveying technology ensures a higher resistance to heavy impacts and shock loads.
This equipment can be easily transformed into a weighing feeder by means of load cells. The Superbelt® conveyor is a steel belt made of partially overlapping steel pans bolted on a steel double-wire mesh, that form a virtually sealed conveyor belt.
The driving force is transmitted by friction between the head pulley and the mesh belt, while a pneumatic take-up device on the tail pulley provides a constant tension. This ensures a perfect fitting in the overlapping pans area so that fine residuals cannot leak among the pans.
The steel belt is supported by carrying idlers across its entire width in order to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Next to the loading points, the idlers can be closely spaced or mounted on a shock absorber frame.
Wear is negligible, since material is slowly conveyed with no relative motion against steel parts. Power demand for conveying and noise are at the minimum levels. The Superbelt® can be easily converted into a weighing feeder by means of load cells, that are installed on the supporting structure of the carrying idlers, whose signal is processed by a PLC along with a dedicated software - both included in the scope of supply.
The size (length and width) of the weighing feeder depends on the layout specification and the required capacity. The actual feed rate is determined by integrating the belt speed, monitored by an encoder, and the weight signal given by the load cells.
The controller compares the actual feed rate with the desired one and it adjusts the belt speed to deliver a constant feed rate. In this configuration the Superbelt® conveyor is mainly applied in cement factories, steel mills or wherever it is necessary to extract and dose a material.