Magaldi awarded to handle heavy metal scraps

In June 2015, Feralpi management involved Magaldi in an important project for its new heavy metal scrap preparation process.

Feralpi’s request for a system able to guarantee the continuous and dependable handling and preparation process of 200 t/h of heavy metal scraps was satisfied by installing a Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, able to ensure the highest level of dependability for continuous conveying under severe conditions.
According to the plant layout, after the cleaning treatment of the material, scraps are directly conveyed by a Magaldi Superbelt® “P type” to the metal preparation area for furnace feeding.
The Magaldi Superbelt® provides the continuous scraps conveyance, avoiding any production stoppage while offering a safe working place and reducing the use of lifting machineries.
Furthermore, the closer pitch of the carrying idlers at the loading point offers an optimal weight distribution on a wide surface to dispers the kinetic energy due to the loading of the heavy metal scraps.

Once again, the Magaldi Superbelt® technology has confirmed its several advantages for continuous and reliable steel scrap handling, combined with a very short payback period.