Magaldi at the 3rd MatER Meeting “Innovation & Trends in Waste Management” (Piacenza – May, 22-23)

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you that Magaldi Power SpA will attend the 3rd MatER Meeting on “Innovation & Trends in Waste Management” which will be held in Piacenza (Italy) on May 22nd and 23rd 2017 at the campus of the Politecnico di Milano.

The event aims at providing a thorough, objective representation of technologies and policies for material and energy recovery from waste, thereby contributing to move toward sustainable waste management.

Magaldi will be glad to present its dependable technology to extract, cool and convey bottom ash produced by waste incinerators, in a completely “dry” way.

Specifically developed for Incinerators/WtE plants, the Magaldi Ecobelt® WA (Waste Ash) is a steel belt conveyor that allows the dry removal of bottom ash (BA) from grate boilers, thus eliminating the usage of water for quenching the bottom ash and consequently reducing the overall amount of BA by weight.
Completely enclosed in a steel casing to prevent any spillage of material into the environment, the conveyor is designed to promote an intimate contact between air and ash particles, that maximizes the cooling process and the unburnt carbon conversion. As a result, the relevant amount of energy, mainly in the form of ash sensible heat, can be recovered to increase the boiler efficiency.

In addition, the Ecobelt® WA increases the yields of the downstream metals recovery system, minimizing metals landfilling and providing high-quality raw materials.
Since the incineration process cleans and separates metals from organic components, a dry extraction approach is the key factor to allow a more effective metal separation from inert matter. In fact, avoiding the reaction of bottom ash with water provides the key to recover metals in their highest quality, as well as to very fine particle size (as 0.2 mm).

The Ecobelt® WA can be implemented either in new projects or as a retrofit replacing conventional wet ash extractors.

We warmly welcome you at the MatER Meeting to provide further information on our dependably Dry Waste Bottom Ash Handling System.


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